Sunday, October 24, 2010

Buying Used Diapers

Many mama's have asked me for my opinion about buying cloth diapers used. I decided to write a blog post dedicated to just that. I am sure lots of cloth diapering mamas ponder the idea and wonder if it is worth saving the few extra bucks.

When you go to buy cloth diapers used from someone you want to take a few factors in to account:
1. You will want to know how they cared for the diapers. Ex: Type of detergent used, how often washed ect..
2. You will want to know if there is any problems with the velcro/aplix or PUL. As most of us who use cloth know, the velcro if not well taken care of can start to fall apart pretty fast. PUL can also have issues with separating and affect the absorbency of the diaper!
3. If you like to show off your diapers (or you think you will want to when you start) you might ask for pictures of the outside to make sure it is not to stained and go ahead and check the inside for bad staining as well!

How they cared for them is the most important part of making that decision. Cloth diapers should be washed with detergent made with no bleach or soaps. For some babies they should not have fragrances as well.

If you purchase them used make sure to strip them before using them, just as you would buying used clothing! There are several methods on how to strip them. The simplest way is to wash them in the hottest water you can with just a little bit of viniger in the first wash then rinse them until you see no suds while it is agitating. *There are several other ways, you can ask me for others or google the ways!

By buying used you are helping reduce your carbon footprint! Always recycle, reduce, and reuse!

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