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The Peaceful Housewife Natural Cleaning Products eBook Review & Giveaway

Have you always wanted to make your own household cleaners, but you weren't sure which recipes to use? This is the book for you! In this book, The Peaceful Housewife gives recipes and directions for over 30 natural household products, from laundry care to bug sprays and more!

The Carpet Cleaner recipe? Easy peasy & works like a charm! No leak sippie cups?! Yea right! I have to have this cleaner on hand all.the.time.

Glass Cleaner, Multi-Purpose Spray Cleaner, Furniture Polish, Makeup Brush Cleaner, Oven Cleaner (to name a few) all use basic ingedients that I already have around the house. I love not having to search for some product that I've never even heard of!

Once I find some more time in my life (Maybe after I get atleast 1 kiddo in school hehe) I have GOT to try the laundry & dishwasher detergent. These could save us loads of cash!

BUY: Visit The Peaceful Housewife's website to purchase your own Natural Cleaning Products eBook for just $3!


2 of our lucky readers will win a Natural Cleaning Products eBook!

To enter just 'like' The Peaceful Housewife on Facebook AND follow Modern-N-Crunchy via email then leave a comment below. Don't forget to add your email so I can send you your prize :)

This giveaway ends 10/16 & is open worldwide!

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Party Planning Checklist

When hosting parties, food is usually the star of the show. It is very important that the host choose enough recipes for the number of guests attending and that they complement each other. This Party Planning Checklist ebook was created to not only help entertainers choose enough of the right recipes, but to also help keep everything organized so that shopping and preparation is stress-free.

I'm a BIG party planner. (Didn't you see Brooklynn's Candyland Party?!) It's kinda my thing, I love it! But yes, it is ALOT of work, so I love anything that makes it easier!

The ebook includes a chart to list the entire menu for your event. The checklists would also be great for planning a weekend event such as a family reunion.

There is also a grocery list, however I think that the "Ingredients" section for each recipe should be larger. I'm not good at writing small. ;)

There is even a "Table Arrangement, Beverage Coolers, Garbage & Recycle Bin" chart for placement. Great idea!

Want your own Party Planning Checklist ebook? Just go HERE to download your own free copy after providing your email address or 'liking' Theme Party Queen's Facebook fan page.

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Kat and Company Review & Giveaway CLOSED

A baby can never have too many teethers, right?

Kat and Company sent me a Maple Wood Ring Teether to review!

The maple wood ring is sealed and protected with food grade beeswax & attached to a knotted piece of organic tree print fabric. The knotted fabric is filled with 1 inch natural wooden beads.

I just could not stop snapping pictures of my boy with his teether! He was so happy!

This teether is different than any other teether I had seen before. When I saw it I just knew Weston had to have one!

I also love that the fabric is organic & the tree print matches the 'natural' toy very well.

Wood is an excellent natural teether, soft enough to absorb the impact, yet strong enough to give our babies' gums the relief they need!

I love this toy for on the go, it is quiet but still keeps little man entertained!

BUY: Visit Kat and Company on Etsy! They don't just have teethers, make sure to check out the "Play & Chomp Teething Ring" & the "Wooden Dish Play Set", just 2 of my favorite things!

Please make sure that you complete BOTH of the required entries, otherwise you will be disqualified.

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Del Monte B1G1 FREE from Vocalpoint!

Del Monte® Fruit Naturals® cups are packed in 100% fruit juice instead of sugary syrup, so you will want to drink every last drop. Want to try them? It's your lucky day! Vocalpoint has an exclusive B1G1 Free coupon!

Click HERE to download the buy-one-get-one-FREE coupon now! Hurry, these won't last long!
(Only 1 print per person & you MUST be a member of Vocalpoint) If you don't see the coupon sign in & then go to the link again, then click on the 'savings' tab!

Chalkboard Magnet?!

Make sure not to miss the coupon code at the bottom of the post ;)

Have you noticed the chalkboard refrigerator on Good Luck Charlie?! I sure have!

I thought, "How awesome is that?! But how would you even do that?" Well HERE it is! The Chalkboard Magnet as-seen-on Good Luck Charlie! Awesome!

You can also get the Instant Chalkboard Vinyl (Peel & Stick Roll) to get a custom fit!

Or the Instant Chalkboard Magnet or Vinyl. Great for dishwashers or just a smaller spot on the fridge!

Appliance Art doesn't just carry chalkboards, there is TONS of art on their site! You have got to check them out! Don't forget to use code MODERNCRUNCH30 for 30% off your order! (Coupon Code expires 9/30/2011 so use it now!)

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BabyBond Review & Giveaway CLOSED

Preverbal skills, eye contact, and attention are vital to cognitive and language development & breastfeeding is the perfect opportunity to interact and communicate with your baby.

I don't really know what to call this accessory because it doesn't "cover" like the ordinary nursing cover, it only covers your breast and belly. The BabyBond™ is worn like a sash across your body, the concept is so simplistic yet so genius. Many babies hate to have their heads covered while nursing, they might even pull an ordinary cover or blanket down. Using the cape-like cover is also alot of hassle, bringing unneccesary attention to the fact that you are nursing your baby & it can be so hard to try to peek in to see baby & adjust them without flashing everyone around you.

Most of the time I don't use a cover in public, if I am wearing a shirt that has to be pulled up to nurse then I wear a tank underneath to keep my belly covered or if my shirt can be pulled down to nurse, then I will just pull it down. I feel proud to 'nurse on display' but I have nothing against those who don't feel comfortable with it & I do get a tad nervous that I might be confronted. Also, there are a few certain situations where I would rather be covered a little more. This sash is perfect for those situations.

If you don't feel comfortable with bearing all in public but don't want to cover up your baby's face then the BabyBond™ is for you.

BabyBond™ carries 3 styles of nursing accessories. Here's the info on each of them :)

BabyBond Original™ is worn like a sash, functioning like a nursing top. Nurse from the top of your shirt. Separate the layers of fabric to achieve latch on. Double panel keeps breast covered above & below. Belly & back remain covered with your own shirt. Built-in 9 x 12″ double layer terry velour burp cloth. Stores in matching pouch.

BabyBond Flex™ is worn like a sash, functioning like a nursing top. Nurse from the top of your shirt. Separate the layers of fabric to achieve latch on. Double panel keeps breast covered above & below. Belly & back remain covered with your own shirt. Removable 9 x 12″ double layer terry velour burp cloth. Able to attach any cloth or wear without cloth attached. Stores in matching pouch.

BabyBond Couture™ is adjustable creating a custom fit as your body changes after baby arrives. A hybrid between nursing top and belly band, it can be worn to nurse from the top or the bottom of your shirt so it works with your entire wardrobe. When worn like a sash, it functions like a nursing top. When worn like a belt, it functions like a belly band. Rolls up into self-storing pouch.

All 3 of the designs come in black, Expresso, or Charcoal. They are 100% Cotton, machine washable (On cold, with like colors), dryer safe (On low heat), and made in the USA.

BabyBond™ sent me the 'Flex™' to review.

Each of the designs comes in 4 sizes, here is the BabyBond™ sizing chart:

Now, since Weston was born, I have been wearing mostly size Medium shirts. I am about 5' 3" tall, 135lbs (Shhhh!), & since I am breastfeeding I am a C cup. So, to be on the safe side I ordered a size 2. However, I think I should have went with the size 1. I think it would have been a better fit. You can see in the picture below that little man likes to tug at the sash, making it gap. I think that I would have better coverage with a size 1.

BabyBond Flex™ is worn like a sash, functioning like a nursing top. Nurse from the top of your shirt. Separate the layers of fabric to achieve latch on. Double panel keeps breast covered above & below. Your belly & back remain covered with your own shirt.

BabyBond™ nursing accessories don't cover baby, just mom. Mom is able to maintain her modesty. Baby remains uncovered benefiting from the infinite opportunity to make eye contact, interact, and communicate.

I love the matching pouch that comes with every BabyBond™ nursing accessory!

The BabyBond Flex™ also comes with a removable 9 x 12″ double layer terry velour burp cloth. Of course, you can wear it without the cloth attached or use any other burp cloth (Because you know that one will not stay clean for long!)

BUY: Visit BabyBond™'s Website. Make sure to use discount code 'crunchy' for 25% off your order!


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LoveMode Review & Giveaway CLOSED

LoveMode started in 2004 with Kiki's Fashions. Kiki's Fashions was born out of the need for cute and trendy maternity clothes at affordable prices. While most maternity clothes out in the market are boxy, boring and expensive, Kiki's found success by having a wide selection of unique maternity styles.

As Kiki's grew, their customers began asking about juniors clothing. They loved Kiki's maternity clothing, but wished they could continue shopping with the company after their pregnancy. So they listened and LoveMode was born.

LoveMode follows the same no nonsense model as Kiki's: cute and trendy clothing, affordable prices, quick shipping and excellent customer service.

They are always adding new things to their website & have sales all the time! Plus, they always have free shipping in the US, I love it!

LoveMode sent me this adorable 'Blue Hope Dove' shirt to review!

And here I am wearing it :) I have really been into tops like this recently. I love the big necklines, and I sometimes wear this shirt off the shoulder. They make it so easy to nurse Weston!

This shirt is great quality! I absolutely love it & will be wearing it a ton this fall!

BUY: Visit LoveMode's Website! Right now all clearance items are Buy 1 Get 1 FREE & get 25% off all tops & dresses, plus LoveMode always has free shipping in the US!

Or visit Kiki's Fashions for maternity clothing! Use code 'Fall47' for 25% off storewide!


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SHMILY Coins Review & Giveaway

What are SHMILY Coins? Click HERE to read the story.

Genius. As parents it is hard sometimes to remember that we are not just mom and dad, we are also husband and wife. We have to make time for each other & do little things that remind each other how much we love our spouse, to keep the fire burnin' & nurture our marriage.

Of course, your SHMILY Coins can also be used with your older kids or other family members too.

The SHMILY coins are small (1½" round) & made out of 100% wood, no MSG or BPA & are made in the USA! They can be hidden in your loved ones purse, lunchbag, pillow, suitcase, dashboard, under their windshield wiper, in a card, briefcase, or any other place where it is sure to be found with an appreciative smile. Everyone enjoys being reminded that they are loved--especially when the reminder comes at an unexpected time or place!

When I first received my SHMILY coins I didn't tell my husband about them, I just put one in his work uniform pocket so he could find it while he was gone. Needless to say, he was confused about where it came from, Haha. So then I explained to him what they are. These are great for us :) I have hidden them in his work uniform, his work folder, his gun holster, his wallet... I found have them in the wet wipes container (What could make changing a dirty diaper any better?!), in the bathroom cabinet...

Here are some comments from others who have used a SHMILY coin that I had given them:

"We have been playing since we got home from the Honeymoon and will keep playing forever" ---Awww <3

"We absolutely love the SHMILY coins, we like to keep it a secret when we find it so the other person is surprised when they come across it." ---Great idea!

"The perfect wedding gift" ---Indeed!

BUY: Visit the SHMILY Coins website.
If you enter the giveaway below, then win, they will refund your purchase of 5 coins!


Prefense Review & Giveaway CLOSED

Alchohol based hand sanitizer gels & wipes include a suprizing amount of alcohol (e.g., Purell and Germ-X contain 62% Ethyl Alcohol), and a child who swallowed enough of such products could experience intoxication, possibly even alcohol poisoning. With small children, 1 of whom sucks on my fingers quite often, I just can not risk using hand sanitizer with alcohol in it.

Prefense' sent me a 1.5oz bottle of Prefense Foaming Hand Sanitizer to review. This size is PERFECT for the diaper bag. Now, I always keep it in there for diaper changes & when strangers touch my baby boy's hands. (Ack!)

One application lasts all day; Prefense protects against germs for up to 24 hours & active up to 10 hand washings!

I do not have any pictures of me using the hand sanitizer because really, what is there to see? LoL. You just squirt it into your hands & rub it around! I love that this hand sanitizer does not leave a sticky icky feeling on your hands like some other sanitizers might.

BUY: Visit Prefense's Website or purchase Prefense on Amazon.

Prefense just came out with their first ever Combo Pack! It's only available on their website and the price is the LOWEST price ever on Prefense products - $7.99! Considering that both items in the combo pack are $6.99 by themselves, it's like you're buying one and getting the other for a dollar!


Monday, August 29, 2011

Teething Bonbon Review

Jill from Dandelion Baby sent me the Teething Bonbon to review

The Teething Bonbon, made of certified organic cotton and naturally antibacterial lamb’s wool, is made by hand in western Canada.

This toy is great for my little teether!
1. Dip the ends in water.
2. Leave the center stuffing dry.
3. Toss in the freezer ‘till needed.
The cool, firm knots soothe tender gums while the lamb’s wool stuffing keeps little hands warm

"Ohh, it's cold mom!" LOL

The care instructions are so simple, just machine wash & dry. Love it!

BUY: Visit Dandelion Baby's Website.
If 2 Teething Bonbon's are purchased, there's a $6 savings, and if 3 are purchased, it's a $12 savings.

Don't forget to use coupon code MNC15 for 15% off anything in the store!

Take some time to browse their site, so many great items!

And make sure to 'like' Dandelion Baby on Facebook & don't forget to tell them we sent you!

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How many Super Points have you won today? New Invites!


Have you done the Super Lucky Button today?

Super Points is an online site that is by invite only. You earn points by pushing the Super Lucky Button, Watching videos, and each day they send you an email with bonus points.

You can use your points for Amazon gift cards, Paypal and a ton of other items. I just found this site & I'm super excited about it!

Let me know if you have any questions!

New Invite Codes






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DANO2 Designer Toys Review & Giveaway CLOSED

DANO Toys is a family-owned company that manufactures solely in the United States. They began their journey during the "Year of the Recall" when their baby was just getting her first teeth and few products could be found that they felt were safe enough for their baby to put into her mouth.

DANO's Circus Teethers are made in the USA with the same medical grade materials that pediatricians and dentists trust for use in their equipment.

DANO sent us a set for Weston & I to review!

The Circus Teethers come in this handy compact case. Great for keeping the teethers from getting misplaced or dirty!

Photographed next to a quarter for size comparison.

Each set contains three variable-sized rings (Monkey, Seal, and Lion), each a different texture, color, and size.

The orange ring is flexible, the green ring is rigid, and the blue ring is firm.

Of course the Circus Teethers are PVC, BPA, and Phthalate-free, otherwise they wouldn't be in Weston's mouth. ;)

This set is great for teething! I love that you get all different textures & sizes all in one set so baby can choose whichever one feels best on their sensitive gums. I also love that they were made in the USA, so I know that they are safe for my baby!

Weston's favorite is obviously the orange Circus Teether :)

As their children grow and mature, so, too, do DANO's products. They have found success in the mobile market with the Little Sky Writers app for iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone, and the just released AppCrayon stylus for kids. They are looking forward to the launch of the Little Sky Writers airplane toys soon!

BUY: Visit DANO2's Website


Funky Monkey T-Shirt Review

The people behind have over twenty years experience printing personalized T shirts and since day one they have offered personalized t shirts & hoodies to perfectly compliment their customers’ branding requirements.

Over the years they have screen printed everything that you could imagine and some which really did take them by surprise. Premium fashion brands have used their services, countless football teams, and fast food chains have walked away with a smile after collecting their custom t shirts. sent me this silk-screen printed T-shirt with their mascot monkey printed on the front.

When I first received the T shirt I washed it inside out (I'm not sure if this is required, its just what I do with appliqued & screen printed shirts) on cold (I wash just about everything in cold).

Here I am modeling my new T :)

The placement is great, it is centered perfectly. My kids love the bright & colorful design. It washes well, there is no cracking!

For adults personalized T shirts their ranges include everything from fitted womens and mens styles through to regular fit styles in sizes from really, really small, to really, really big so I think they’ve got you covered!

They can supply T shirts, hoodies, sweats, etc. from their vast array of suppliers including ScreenStars, Gildan, Hanes, Fruit of the Loom or you can source these yourself and they can do the screen printing for you.

What's the cost?
The cost of supplying your printed clothing is dependent on a number of factors:
• Type and quality of garment.
• Number of garments.
• Number of prints per garment.
• Number of colours in each design. aims to be extremely competitive without compromising on quality or service and offer quotes with no hidden costs. Due to the number of factors involved in calculating the costs it is not possible to say without knowing your requirements.

To BUY: Whatever your T shirt printing requirements are please call them at 0800 046 7633 for a no-obligation quote!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Colorado Wholesale Dye Corp./Grateful Dyes® Review & Giveaway CLOSED

Colorado Wholesale Dye Corp./Grateful Dyes® has been selling the highest quality Procion MX® brand fabric dye since 1983. They take dye orders over the phone, through the mail, and now over the internet. They also sell dye locally through their showroom in Littleton, CO. They have thousands of pounds of dye and auxiliary chemicals in stock at all times. They are also small enough to care about your order, and give you the best customer service.

I was so "Grateful" to receive a GREAT package from Colorado Wholesale Dye Corp./Grateful Dyes®!

Here is some of the work I did for Weston.

Burp Rags

And some shirts for Brooklynn

Brooklynn's new pillowcase

Matching :)

This was my first time using "real" dye. I did tie dye in middle school, but the teacher did everything except the tieing, coloring, & rinsing. All the mixing was done for us. I'm not going to lie, I was nervous about screwing this up. All the chemicals (only 3 + the dyes lol) and all the measurements. I just knew it wasn't going to go well. I read the instructions several times before even starting & kept them close by for reference the entire time. Needless to say, I didn't screw anything up!

Tip: For the dye, I used the squeeze bottles that the hospital sent home with me after Brooklynn was born. :) They worked great!

These dyes are very special and ONLY designed to dye Plant based materials such as Cotton, Linen, Rayon, Hemp, etc. They also work well on Silk. They are NOT designed to dye wool or nylon and do not work AT ALL on polyester. Their Dyes also require a fixer chemical that you can find in the auxiliary chemicals.

BUY: Visit Colorado Wholesale Dye Corp./Grateful Dyes®'s Website. Make sure to use coupon code "Crunchy" to receive a 5% discount on your order! This coupon expires Sept 5th.


The Redberry Tree Review & Giveaway CLOSED

It seems that Emily, from The Redberry Tree, & I have alot in common. We both love cupcakes, we both sew, alot, & we share the exact same birthday! Crazy stuff. ;)

On our birthday this year I was lucky enough to receive this adorable One-Size pocket diaper from The Redberry Tree.

The inside of the diaper is a super soft minky dot.

The placement of the pocket hole is perfect. The fabric overlaps, keeping the insert completely tucked in.

I love this illustration that I stole from The Redberry Tree's website.

Emily sent me 2 different inserts to try out. One of them is a hemp/organic cotton blend french terry and the other is organic bamboo fleece.
(They are folded in half here)

Both are super absorbent- from what I have read, Hemp is a little more absorbent but OBF is softer. Hemp comes standard with each diaper ordered from The Redberry Tree. I'm starting to become a big fan of natural fiber inserts. I also love the shape of these inserts, they are thin & long, 24"x 5". You can fold them to provide more absorbancy in the front, or back, or equal coverage all over. The shape also provides a shorter drying time.

Here is my sweet boy testing it out!

The fit is great! We have not had any leaks while wearing this diaper.

Emily has been sewing for over 10 years & it shows! The construction of this diaper is perfect, it is very high quality.

I base my final opinion of a diaper on if I trust a diaper out in public or not. And I do trust this diaper out in public, 100%. I give this diaper 5 out of 5 stars!

The Redberry Tree carries both Pocket Diapers & Fitteds. Both are laid out the same way- ultimately to produce a "stay dry" feeling and allow you to customize absorbency, but traditionally, a pocket diaper is waterproof, and a fitted diaper is not, and requires a cover. The Redberry Tree's diapers are sold as One Size, meaning you can adjust the length and width of the diaper to fit your newborn, toddler, and anybody in between! Easy.

BUY: Visit The Redberry Tree's Website.