Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chalkboard Magnet?!

Make sure not to miss the coupon code at the bottom of the post ;)

Have you noticed the chalkboard refrigerator on Good Luck Charlie?! I sure have!

I thought, "How awesome is that?! But how would you even do that?" Well HERE it is! The Chalkboard Magnet as-seen-on Good Luck Charlie! Awesome!

You can also get the Instant Chalkboard Vinyl (Peel & Stick Roll) to get a custom fit!

Or the Instant Chalkboard Magnet or Vinyl. Great for dishwashers or just a smaller spot on the fridge!

Appliance Art doesn't just carry chalkboards, there is TONS of art on their site! You have got to check them out! Don't forget to use code MODERNCRUNCH30 for 30% off your order! (Coupon Code expires 9/30/2011 so use it now!)

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