Thursday, August 11, 2011

DANO2 Designer Toys Review & Giveaway CLOSED

DANO Toys is a family-owned company that manufactures solely in the United States. They began their journey during the "Year of the Recall" when their baby was just getting her first teeth and few products could be found that they felt were safe enough for their baby to put into her mouth.

DANO's Circus Teethers are made in the USA with the same medical grade materials that pediatricians and dentists trust for use in their equipment.

DANO sent us a set for Weston & I to review!

The Circus Teethers come in this handy compact case. Great for keeping the teethers from getting misplaced or dirty!

Photographed next to a quarter for size comparison.

Each set contains three variable-sized rings (Monkey, Seal, and Lion), each a different texture, color, and size.

The orange ring is flexible, the green ring is rigid, and the blue ring is firm.

Of course the Circus Teethers are PVC, BPA, and Phthalate-free, otherwise they wouldn't be in Weston's mouth. ;)

This set is great for teething! I love that you get all different textures & sizes all in one set so baby can choose whichever one feels best on their sensitive gums. I also love that they were made in the USA, so I know that they are safe for my baby!

Weston's favorite is obviously the orange Circus Teether :)

As their children grow and mature, so, too, do DANO's products. They have found success in the mobile market with the Little Sky Writers app for iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone, and the just released AppCrayon stylus for kids. They are looking forward to the launch of the Little Sky Writers airplane toys soon!

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I like the blue ducki!

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i like the circus teethers

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Jenny H said...

I think my son would like the bug bite teether.