Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Help Support Nifty Nappy :)

One of my most favorite mama's, Nifty Nappy, is going to be closing up shop. It is very sad but we are wanting to help her go out with a BANG!! You can purchase her diapers and wool products until February 10th 2010! You don't want to miss out on some of the great deals her retailers will be offering and the fun she is having on her page!

Check out Little Squigglers (her very first retailer) for a Farewell to Nifty Nappy event
Feb. 1st-10th! (Facebook)

Nifty Nappy Cloth Diapers
[Click here to be taken to the retailers page]

Thank you Vilate for all the fluffy love you have and will continue to help spread around the world! We all love you and I feel blessed to call you a friend!

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