Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Mama Sewing Nursing Cover Review

One our readers, Ellie, had the chance to review a nursing cover from Happy Mama Sewing! Here it is...

I was tickled pink to be chosen as the first fan reviewer! I’m a nursing mom to a wiggly nineteen week old daughter, so a nursing cover is a must have. I told Mama’s Giveaways the colors and patterns I like and I received a gorgeous nursing cover [from Happy Mama Sewing]. I love how the patterns and colors were so me! I love pulling out my stylish nursing cover from my diaper bag and showing it off. I also love that my new nursing cover is unique and not mass produced. I’ve used the cover for a little more than a month now. It’s nice.

I think it’s genius to put little weights in the ends of the cover. That really helped anchor the cover. I didn’t use it outdoors since I live in the Midwest and we are just now seeing the sunshine! I think the anchors will be wonderful when nursing outdoors and will keep the wind from exposing me.

I also loved the little pockets sewn into the bottom edges. It was just the right size for my cell phone. What a great idea! I found myself wishing for a miniature little burp cloth to fit into that pocket because I always forget to pack burp cloths.

The nursing cover has held up well to my many washings. I’m a bit of a germaphobe so every time I used the cover in public, I threw it in the washing machine when I got home. I also dried it and I’ve had no problems.

There were a few tiny hiccups. I found myself wishing the cover was a little bit wider and longer in length. I’m a petite lady but I had a hard time keeping both shoulders covered. Maybe it’s because my baby is so wiggly, but perhaps a bit more fabric would’ve made sure I was completely covered.

Also, I had a hard time with the plastic boning. Happy Mama Sewing did send a card with instructions on how to keep the curve in the boning and did warn that it might go flat. It did. I didn’t want to bother with keeping a book on it to get the shape back (I’m lazy). Instead, I rolled it up straight from the dryer and that seemed to keep the boning in shape.

Another hiccup was I wasn’t able to ever position the boning correctly so I could peek down at my daughter. I didn’t have a problem with this with my other cover. For some reason, I could never figure out how to get it to sit right, so it was mostly just flat against me. I wasn’t crazy about that.

Overall, here’s my high points & low points:
High points: Gorgeous print, handmade and unique, anchored weights, and little pockets sewn into the bottom edges.
Low points: I’m plastic boning challenged and it never seemed to work for me.

Thank you Mama’s Giveaways and Happy Mama Sewing for the chance to review this great nursing cover.

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