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Blissful Booty Review & Giveaway CLOSED

At Blissful Booty®, they understand that as parents we need to do something proactive towards securing our children's environmental future. This is why they offer an alternative to disposable diapers, giving parents a sustainable choice that you can feel good about making.

When making the choice to use cloth diapers not only are you making the most comfortable, healthy choice for your baby, you are also taking an important step towards giving future generations a cleaner, greener planet.

Cathy (the creator of Blissful Booty®) was once Director of Operations of a Financial Company, now she is self-proclaimed "diaper-preneur"! She began sewing and designing her AIO diapers in 2006 after the birth of her youngest daughter, Kaia, was born premature, with a congenital heart defect, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, and VERY sensitive skin. Kaia was unable to wear any disposable diapers so cloth was Cathy's only option. She studied the look and features of the disposable that she liked best and began sewing diapers out of different types of cloth. She also began making them for friends that were having babies and they, along with her husband John urged her to expand and produce them to sell to other parents because they loved them so much. So after leaving her job in Finance, Cathy decided to just go for it and Blissful Booty® was born.

I was lucky enough to receive this GREAT package from Blissful Booty®.

I never expected them to be so generous :) My package include 2 All-In-One Ultra diapers (1 for each kiddo's bum!), 2 booster pads, 5 cloth wipes, Honey Vanilla Wipe Water Concentrate, a 1 ml dropper, & a 6 oz spray bottle.

One of the best features of Blissful Booty®'s AIO diapers is the inner leg casings for better leak protection.

You can see that I have the hook and loop tabs fastened to the laundry tabs. I have been using Weston's diaper for 2 months now & the laundry tabs are not working anymore. I have fastened them every time I put the diaper in the washer but the last couple of times I have taken them out they are fastened to another diaper, I refasten them, put them in the dryer & they come unfastened again. :( I have made sure to remove hairs & fuzzies from them but it just keeps happening. I believe this is a common problem with hook and loop diapers and this is one of the reasons I'm not a big fan of them (hook & loop diapers in general). I might just start fastening the tabs to the loosest waist setting with the diaper wrong side out.

Blissful Booty®'s AIO diapers have a luxurious, stain resistant inner lining made of no-pill microfleece, that wicks moisture away from sensitive baby skin. It is extremely soft!

Inbetween the super soft lining & waterproof cloth outer cover there is a super absorbent microfiber terry soaker.

Blissful Booty® Booster Pads are made of the same quality fabrics used in the Original Blissful Booty® Cloth Diapers. They are soft against babies delicate skin and add an extra layer of protection against leaks. Simply place pad between inner leg casings of the open diaper and place it on baby as usual. Thats it! It can be tossed in the pail and washed along with your diapers and wipes.

My first thought when I saw this diaper was, "What? Snaps AND hook & loop? Is that necessary?" I had never seen this before so I was a little thrown off at first. Now that I have thought about it, I think that this is a GREAT idea. The sturdy yet soft hook and loop helps you get the perfect fit, and the colorful snaps add security for those toddlers who would rather be naked (The reason B hadn't been in hook and loop diaper in months)! The combination is also great at preventing wing drooping while in the low end of a size, like Weston is.

Here is Weston in his size Medium (estimated weight range 14-23lbs) Blissful Booty® Ultra Diaper! He is about 16lbs & the fit is perfect!

Up close. The diaper is on it's smallest setting so I am confident it will fit for awhile longer.

I love the wider elastic band on the back. It looks so much more comfortable & I'm sure it helps prevent leaks!

Weston loves his Blissful Booty® diaper and so do I! We have not had 1 leak while wearing this diaper & Weston sure knows how to fill a diaper. LOL I love those inner leg casings!

Here is Brooklynn in her size Large (estimated weight range 20-34lbs) Ultra diaper. She was approx. 25lbs.

She does not sit still at all so it is super hard to get very many good pictures of her.

I loved this diaper on Brooklynn & wish we had it longer before she was potty trained a few weeks ago.

Because she no longer has a need for diapers (YAY!) we have passed it on to Cloth Mama's Lil Lady, Faith :) Here is what Brit had to say about it:

"At first glance I thought, 'Why snaps and hook and loop?' I'll tell you why; Your little one can't get this diaper off as easy as all the others. I like this diaper for when we are going out and about. I trust that it wont leak and she wont be taking it off in public. Plus, its cute!"

I am a big fan of One-Size diapers. Some people prefer sized diapers because of the more 'custom' fit. But I wouldn't want to have to completely replace my stash as baby grows. But sometimes I make an exception & this diaper makes a great addition to our stash!

Here is a close-up of one of the Blissful Booty® Cloth Wipes. They are 100% cotton with a textured cotton terry on one side, and a soft cotton flannel on the other.

I have used the Blissful Booty® Cloth Wipes in combination with the Blissful Booty® Wipe Water Concentrate.

Blissful Booty® Wipe Water Concentrate is a natural cleansing and moisturizing solution for use with cloth baby wipes. It is sulfate, paraban and preservative free! Wipe Water Concentrate is made with soothing organic aloe, chamomile, lavender and vitamin e so it is always gentle to your baby's skin. Jojoba and rosehip oil add to the soothing qualities of the concentrate and tea tree oil adds natural antimicrobial properties. And it's so easy to use! Just use a 1 ml dropper to sqeeze the correct amount of Wipe Water Concentrate into the spray bottle of your choice, fill it up with water, & shake! You can either spray the wipe then wipe baby's bum, or spray directly onto baby's bum then wipe.

I don't have any pictures of the Blissful Booty® wipes in use, for obvious reasons, HA. But I do love the wipes & the wipe water concentrate. It takes me 3 Blissful Booty® wipes (& Wipe Water Solution) to clean up what would take me atleast 8 disposable wipes! I use the terry side to get the majority of the mess, then fold to get the last of it with the soft flannel side.

REduce, REuse, REdiaper!

Blissful Booty® also offers Pail Liner Bags and Wetbags! Very soon they will be offering flushable liners too.

BUY: Visit Blissful Booty®'s online store.

The following insert was taken from the Blissful Booty® website.

Why Choose Cloth?

We as parents are always looking for the most comfortable blankets, clothing and bedding for our precious babies. We wouldn’t dream of wrapping our precious little ones in a blanket made from paper, glue and plastic; laden with chemicals and filled with a toxic gel, yet that is exactly what we do every time we put them into a disposable diaper. Given the fact that your baby’s diaper is in direct contact with your baby’s delicate skin 24/7 for 2-3 years, choosing which diaper to use is an important choice that many parents overlook. Cloth diapering has come a long way over the past several years and Blissful Booty diapers are as simple as any single-use diaper on the market today. No more scary pins or hot rubber pants. Soft, comfortable cloth diapers not only feel better against baby’s skin than the paper, glue and chemicals of disposables, they are recyclable and reusable. We know that our job is an important one, and we are committed to keeping our little clients comfortable and healthy.

It seems that more and more parents are becoming increasingly aware of the impact that our actions will have on the world that we will leave our children and grandchildren. As parents, we not only want to make our children more comfortable and healthy, but also to make positive choices for our environment. In this day and age of convenience and “use once and throw away” products, it is easy to forget about where they actually end up when we drop them on our curbs. Even if you recycle these disposable goods, it is still a lot of wasted energy to process and transport these disposable products. We should all try to avoid disposable products when possible and select reusable ones instead.

Click HERE to learn more about the environmental reasons to switch to cloth.
Click HERE to learn more about the health reasons to switch to cloth.

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I would choose the Ultra in Buttercream, size Medium

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ultra, med, buttercream w/teal snaps
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