Friday, July 22, 2011

Baby 'Roo Slings Ring Sling Review

Shandell at Baby 'Roo Slings started making baby carriers when she was pregnant with her first baby in 2005. After carefully checking to make sure she didn't copy anyone else's design, she came up with Baby 'Roo's current style of ring slings, mei tai's and the occasional wrap. In 2008 Baby 'Roo expanded to include cloth diaper accessories.

She works very hard to make sure she remains CPSIA compliant and that all of her carriers are safe and durable. All of her designs are tested before putting them on the market.

I received my ring sling from Baby 'Roo in the mail RIGHT before we left for our month-long vacation to Las Vegas, NV. I managed to squeeze it into the trunk (along with 2 other baby carriers) of our itty bitty Toyota Corolla for the long, LONG drive!

Here we are with the lions at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

And at Aliente Nature Discovery Park in North Las Vegas (My favorite park EVER!)

I prefer different baby carriers for different occasions. I wouldn't use any ring sling for a hike (Moby!), but it's perfect for a day at the park. It is quick to put on & tighten up, no tieing! I love that the sling can be adjusted to fit any kiddo, newborn - 35lbs!

The construction of the ring sling is very high-quality. It is obvious that Shandrell did not take any shortcuts when sewing this sling. I was very confident that Weston was not going anywhere when he was in it.

Shandrell also sent me step-by-step instructions on threading the ring sling & also instructions on how to put an infant into the sling (Kangaroo Care) & Transitioning to Nursing in the sling. I really should have read these instructions before trying to put Weston in the sling for the first time (I didn't have them with me at the time). It would have really been helpful to know how to tighten the tail (pull top edge of the tail up and across your chest to tighten, then pull bottom edge of the rail down to the side away from your body to tighten). So the next time I used the sling, these instructions were VERY helpful!

From ring slings, mei tais, wraps, wetbags, cloth wipes, inserts, & nursing pads Baby 'Roo has you covered.

To purchase a Baby 'Roo Sling visit Baby Roo's Website. Use coupon code ModCrnch2 for 30% off any regular baby carrier!

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