Thursday, July 14, 2011

Moja Creations Review & Giveaway CLOSED

Moja Creations creates eco-friendly reusable items for your everyday use!

The Snack-A-Long is an eco-friendly, reusable snack bag great for adults and children on the go! It is a great alternative to Ziploc bags which are thrown out after only one or two uses. It is perfect for snacks of all kinds: cereal, apple slices, carrots, grapes, crackers, berries, pretzels, etc. Best of all, the snack bags are lead, phthalates, & BPA free.

Moja Creations sent me the 'Bright Apples and Pears Snack Bag'. It is adorable!

The snack bag has a strong 6" velcro closure.

The lining is nylon, so to clean, simply turn inside out and wipe down or rinse with soapy water and let it dry. When extra dirty it can also be thrown into the washer and dryer!

The first time Brooklynn used the snack bag was when she went to the lake to go fishing with daddy. She took some Annie's Bunny Grahams in her snack bag. I told daddy that he had to take pics & this is all I got ;)

The elastic loop for is great for easy carrying and a convenient way to roll and close the baggie. These are also easily attached to toy straps that are attached to a carseat or stroller.

The Moja Creations snack bag has made a great addition to our diaper bag! It takes up much less space than a plastic container!

The only change that I might possibly like to be made to this baggie is for there to be a snap added to the strap so that I could attach it to the outside of the diaper bag.

BUY: Visit Moja Creations on Etsy or at their website for cloth napkins, lunch totes, produce bags, snack bags, sandwich bags & wraps, & more!

Moja Creations would like to offer our blog readers 15% off with code 'SAVE15'!

Enter below to win $10 in Store Credit to Moja Creations!


Raquel said...

I like their sandwich bags!

Hillary said...

Thank you so very much!!! And if you haven't heard, i really like Rafflecopter!! ;)

Jennifer said...

I haven't ever tried Rafflecopter, neat! And thanks for the giveaway. I always like seeing the cute stuff you get to review!

frugalmommieof2 said...

This looks like a neat product!

Jen said...

I already have some of her cloth napkins (use them as reusable wipes), and I love them! :)

Heather Cooper said...

I love the sandwich bags, but all of the products are ingenious!

boyzrule said...

this is the item i like:

dmoretti1967 at

debbie m

Meg said...

I love her snack bags! We have several of them and I love them :)

Natalie said...

cannot wait to add these to our Back to School goodies =)