Thursday, July 7, 2011

Brooklynn's Candyland Party

Here are the pictures from Brooklynn's Candyland Party! I always have so much fun planning her birthday parties! I am so proud of this one, we had a blast!

I made all of the signs, love my Cricut!

The Candyland pathway on our porch

I didn't make this sign, I won it from Pluff Mudd Designs on a blog giveaway.

My favorite candy table!

Sweet Metel Moment's Banner

Cupcake Common's - Cupcake decorating area

Chocolate Mountain

Lollypop Woods - I LOVE how this turned out!

Candy Castle - I had made candies to tie to Candy Castle, but it was the last part of decorating & I just didn't want to mess with it! LoL

THE CAKE! I absolutely love this cake. I spent many hours working on it & it is by far my best cake yet!

All of the kiddos (Except Claire) in the Lollypop Woods!

Can't have a party in the summer in Oklahoma without some water!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you...

The inside of the cake!

Yummy, yummy... my tummy! (Chocolate dipped ice cream cones!)

Gifts :)

The kiddos did a "cake walk" to the song 'I Want Candy.' The prize was a Candyland game, of course! Claire won!

Cloth Mama's little lady!

My kiddos & me in Lollypop Woods!

I originally got the Candyland Birthday Party idea from Parent's Magazine. Inspiration from The Dukes Family Blog & Party Love. The inside of the cake was inspired by Omnomicon, but I just used regular white cake mix.


anglphsh26 said...

You did an amazing job with her party. I am sure it is something she will remember forever.


boyzrule said...

You are quite creative! I do not have that gene. It will be a birthday for her to remember!